We operate by appointment only, so you must first make a reservation online or by phone. After you reserve your ebikes we meet you at 1470 Ben Sawyer Boulevard or we can deliver to you.

Yes. You can select delivery as you complete the reservation. There is a $15 charge for delivery.

Yes. 14yos can ride their own bike with guardian signature. We also have seating options for children older than 14mo-13yo.

The range per charge is about 20-45miles depending on how hard you pedal and how fast you are going.

We operate as an on-demand rental company, so rental is required to demo an E-Bike. This is because our bikes are stored in our warehouse until they are booked for rental.

All ebikes sold in North America are equipped with two ways for a rider to use power assistance from the motor to propel the bike forward without pedaling: a pedal assist system, and a throttle (twist grip).

Pedal assist (PAS) can be engaged while pedaling and will call up assistance from the motor to help make pedaling easier.

PAS uses a cadence sensor built into the drive train of the bike. The sensor detects when the rider is revolving the pedals and signals the electric motor to provide the level of pedal assistance (PAS 0-5 on most models and 0-4) that has been selected.

The throttle is located on the right side of the handlebar and can be used, with a twist of the throttle grip, to propel the bike forward without pedaling. On models released in 2020, the throttle is active when the bike is on.

The throttle is engaged by slowly and carefully rotating it toward the rider at different increments. The more you twist, the more powerful the throttle. Once the throttle is released or the brakes are applied, the power assistance from the motor is cut off and the throttle can no longer propel the bike forward. Always keep one hand on the brake lever and be prepared to squeeze the lever to disengage the throttle if needed, or turn off the bike to prevent accidentally engaging the throttle.