Ride Local

It was the traffic nightmare that was brought on by the Don Holt Bridge closure in 2017 that led our local owners/operators Meredith & Ty Weatherby to explore better alternatives for getting around the lowcountry roads. Purchasing an electric power bike fundamentally changed our lives and we knew then we had share the experience with Charleston.

Rad Power Bikes, America’s Leading Electric Bike Manufacturer, perfectly solves our problem with safe E-Bikes that are easy to operate. On road, off road, and on the beach, ebikes offer effortless adventures instead of doldrum commutes.

The historical nature of the Rebellion Roads anchorage in the Charleston harbor dates back to the founding of Charleston. We take seriously our deep Charleston roots & modern day Rebellion Roads celebrates our local heritage and shares the roads with of all. Riders of “every size, shape, flag and feature” should expect safe anchorage, thumb in nose adventure, and a premium experience. With exclusively local flare, top notch customer service, and flat-out better bikes, riders with us, ride local…its better.